The US of Green, by way of Colorado

IsaacJackpotNewton   November 16, 2016   Comments Off on The US of Green, by way of Colorado

The future is bright. MMJ and recreational use made strides this election. Let’s keep it up! This map warms my heart. Here are a few of my favorite “holy shit, this is legal!” pics from a year in Colorado – enjoy! April 20th is a big deal around here. Billboards, festivals, insane deals and giveaways – definitely one of those parties you… Read more »

Trump’s America

Aristotle   November 9, 2016   Comments Off on Trump’s America

Oh God. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh God! I mean what the fuck!?!? It’s like a nightmare.

And now, Alzheimers

Aristotle   July 6, 2016   Comments Off on And now, Alzheimers

At this point I’m fairly convinced that if Marijuana did not have such a tortured legal history it would be called a miracle drug. CANNABINOIDS REMOVE PLAQUE-FORMING ALZHEIMER’S PROTEINS FROM BRAIN CELLS Yep, it just keeps getting funnier.

Shopping Around

IsaacJackpotNewton   January 29, 2016   Comments Off on Shopping Around

Can you believe this weekend marks my having left Chicago 90 days ago? Seems longer, seems shorter; one thing is certain, no shortage of philosophizing or taking advantage of the laws in my new state. There are a lot of options for herbs here – I already like some places more than others and I love discovering new dispensaries, strains… Read more »

Happy FRYday

IsaacJackpotNewton   December 4, 2015   Comments Off on Happy FRYday

Deep thoughts from Denver. Not really. But I think of the club often and wanted to fill you guys in on how thankful I am to be here. Don’t get emo, Chicago people are hands down, the best. Surprise…there are a lot of us here! I thought you’d enjoy a few glimpses into my legal life. First off, Westword, Denver’s version of the… Read more »

Law and Money

Aristotle   June 16, 2015   Comments Off on Law and Money

The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal 1.) Police Unions: Police departments across the country have become dependent on federal drug war grants to finance their budget. In March, police union lobbyist in California coordinated the effort to defeat Prop 19, a ballot measure in 2010 to legalize marijuana, while helping his police department clients collect… Read more »