Happy FRYday

IsaacJackpotNewton   December 4, 2015   Comments Off on Happy FRYday

Deep thoughts from Denver.

Not really. But I think of the club often and wanted to fill you guys in on how thankful I am to be here. Don’t get emo, Chicago people are hands down, the best. Surprise…there are a lot of us here!

I thought you’d enjoy a few glimpses into my legal life. First off, Westword, Denver’s version of the RedEye, features the best deals!

Check out this black Friday blow-out special:IMG_1217

I got a little gem on Sunday, this pumpkin pie from Sweet Grass was delish! It put me in the HGTV zone for 5 hours straight, then I went to Cheeba Hut.

Perfect endcap for a holiday weekend!IMG_1232

Needless to say, a very lovely first couple ‘official’ weeks in Denver. Can’t wait until the Philosophers retreat 2016 – by then I will have a camper.

For now, I have an empty apartment and an addiction to Craigslist <- also known as the most entertaining continuous mobile scroll.

There are just some things that are much harder to pass up than others.

Enjoy your weekend. Book your tickets.

From the Mile High to the Big Windy – puff, puff, pass my loves!



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