Shopping Around

IsaacJackpotNewton   January 29, 2016   Comments Off on Shopping Around

Can you believe this weekend marks my having left Chicago 90 days ago? Seems longer, seems shorter; one thing is certain, no shortage of philosophizing or taking advantage of the laws in my new state.

There are a lot of options for herbs here – I already like some places more than others and I love discovering new dispensaries, strains and ways to get high. For your trips, for your friends’ trips, for your reading and viewing pleasure, here’s a glimpse into my legal life of shopping for pot. Before you visit here’s a breakdown of Amendment 64.

Oddly enough, going into a shop and buying pot made me anxious – I stuck to the same spot and wouldn’t go to new places without a buddy. Ha – that lasted a couple weeks, and while I am still a little nervy, everyone is so cool and helpful it’s quickly becoming my new favorite errand.

ID – check! Cash – check! Let’s go buy some pot at a store.

MY FIRST FAVORITE SHOP: The Health Center This shop reminds me of a tiny cottage – very cute, small, friendly staff. Overall, awesome. Parking and packaging are not my favs, but hey, at least there’s parking!


Packages are little foil/plastic sealed bags. You do need a child proof take out bag at THC and you can buy one there for cheap.


The loyalty program – 5 visits you get a free gram!


This! Space Cream is a knocker-outer for me, delicious though. When I need that one-hit-wonder…Space Cream!


Best of the best – flavors and feels. It’s a 50mg package for usually $18-22 and I prefer to snack it 5mgs at a time. Yum!


MY New-Ol’ STANDBY! Sunshine Daydream (1 or 2) had me rockin’ around the Christmas tree all December long. SO good!


Love this guy – THC is good for the gram, but other shops have big buds of her. Nom nom nom.


Typical shopping trip.

THE BEST BUDS: Lightshade

Lightshade on Holly popped on my radar – was a touch further from my place than I like to travel, but so worth it!

Being a bit of a web-ho marketing magnet, I fell in love with the UX on their site and their social presence. They lived up to their online content with a cool spot, super-sweet staff and baller selection of concentrates. Yup, you heard me right – I’m loving that wax! Lightshade is also one of the only spots where you can use a CC.

Blue Dream Wax Lightshade

This is a gram of Blue Dream wax. It is delicious, nutritious, and full of creative and napping power! A gram lasts me about 2 weeks, more to come on concentrates in a future post.


Meet Juicy Fruit – she is beautiful and tastes like 8th grade. We had fun!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Good Chemistry

$30 1/8ths every day. Which is surprising because the feel at Good Chemistry is quite boutiquey. The ads alone are Vouge style – look at that sexy photography below! The menu is split up by ‘amplify,’ ‘relax,’ ‘relieve,’ and ‘sleep’ – people there are cool, they love talking about weed and are sure to find you the best buzz for your stoney times.


ooooo a label, sorry I missed the opp to take a pic of Alien Dawg in a beautiful buddy form, next time!


I go to the Colfax location, which does not look like this ad, but you get what I mean when I say ’boutique-y.’


Insert in the free paper, hahaha – CannaPorn.

Are you ready to visit now? Heard of a place you think I should check out? Let’s philosophize about it!

Have a great weekend loves!


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